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R4SAS d208f102dd update README 10 months ago
R4SAS cfe7864a0c add description processing 10 months ago
R4SAS 506adfa0ff
integrate minified css to page template, add check in search field for mobile 12 months ago
R4SAS 4777b23615
add i18n extension, pluralize strings 12 months ago
R4SAS cc8bf19e2e
[sql] upload new dump 1 year ago
R4SAS 080d8529e5
[config] use new encryption type by default 1 year ago
R4SAS 932fca796f
[checker] print time to logs 1 year ago
R4SAS 09db7abdea update composer lockfile 1 year ago
R4SAS 83741e6d0e changes on hidden records page 1 year ago
R4SAS 8cf739765e add lockfile for checker 1 year ago
R4SAS 9ab62ec9da
fix typo in site add code 2 years ago
R4SAS 28aadecc6c fix unbuffered query execution 2 years ago
R4SAS ac9603cc43 save re-registered records to "outdated" table 2 years ago
R4SAS eb94626b2e fix LIKE statements in SQL query 2 years ago
R4SAS 7094ee6b2a make checker threads configurable 2 years ago
R4SAS 55460e36ee use binding for PDO and arguments escaping in verifier command 2 years ago
R4SAS 6e3ce2d992 update dump 2 years ago
R4SAS 4a7ffab927 fix domain validator, search with "alive" ("a") option in GET 2 years ago
R4SAS c43451e7d0
fix warnings on Add page 2 years ago
R4SAS 614edcfe00
[bob] check for existing session 2 years ago
R4SAS 300b3b04a5
fix last_seen when never seen for api 2 years ago
R4SAS 0b161dd417
add API status command, add information 2 years ago
R4SAS 67655b7501
move routing defining inside class 2 years ago
R4SAS a1149f931d
save check result timestamp, reformat code 2 years ago
R4SAS 57b6299440
push recent updates 2 years ago
R4SAS f55322f48b
add sql dump of service data at 210913-173000 3 years ago
R4SAS 3c0385afad
add hidden mode (using '?all' in url) 3 years ago
R4SAS 7754f07d81
update sql file 3 years ago
R4SAS ff0db3d8d4
various security, functional and validation changes 3 years ago
R4SAS 66edea3e9f
update code 3 years ago
R4SAS e79d2bb28e
add autojump, update css, add host disabling 3 years ago
R4SAS ee04d00c70
add marking disabled for long time domains, add periodic checks for them 3 years ago
R4SAS 23d12d66c7
open links in new tab, disable referrers and following 3 years ago
R4SAS 15ffc0cee1
update tables output structure 3 years ago
R4SAS 5166c2c57c
add BOB lookuplocal support, checker retries 3 years ago
R4SAS 87a5ea1acc
update homepage info 3 years ago
R4SAS 11770031b4
update git ignorance files 3 years ago
R4SAS 90cc56a14c
[fetch] add Last-Modified header usage 3 years ago
R4SAS 80bb08fbd2
reg.i2p files 3 years ago