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Service works, hosts check done every hour.<br>
Service is Up. Hosts check is done every hour.<br>
Supported commands:
<li>adding of hosts for 2LD domains (example.i2p)</li>
<li>adding subdomains (addsubdomain)</li>
<li>adding/changing destination (adddest, changedest) - destination will be replaced with new one, old will be purged</li>
<li>adding/changing destination (adddest, changedest) - destination is replaced with the new one, old destination is purged</li>
For addressbook subscription use <a href="/hosts.txt">/hosts.txt</a> file.<br>
That link returns basic addressbook if request sent first time or without <code>If-Match-None</code> header.<br>
On next requests it will return full alive hosts list.
The link returns basic addressbook upon initial request or request with no <code>If-Match-None</code> header.<br>
Following requests will return full alive hosts list.
<b>Static links to lists:</b><br>
Lists updated every 4 hours.
Lists are updated every 4 hours.
<li>Basic list: <a href="/export/hosts-basic.txt">/export/hosts-basic.txt</a> - contains short list of alive popular services</li>
<li>Alive list: <a href="/export/hosts.txt">/export/hosts.txt</a></li>
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Here no particular rules about registering domains, but we have some limitations about handling dead domain records.<br>
Your domain will be open for registration if it has been dead for:
Although there are no specific rules for domain registration, we do have the policy on dead domain records.<br>
Your domain will become open for registration again if it is dead for:
<li>{{ delnewdays }} days if registered less than {{ newdays }} days ago</li>
<li>{{ delolddays }} days if registered more than {{ newdays }} days ago</li>
@ -48,14 +48,14 @@ @@ -48,14 +48,14 @@
{% if approval %}
Domain will be approved after {{ apprdelay }} hours, but only if it has been alive not more than {{ apprseen }} hours ago when approval time is reached.
Your domain will generally be approved within {{ apprdelay }} hour(s). However, your domain must be alive within the last {{ apprseen }} hour(s) before the approval is due.
{% endif %}
{% if fetcher and subscrs|length > 0 %}
<b>External subscriptions:</b><br>
Our service fetching updates from external subscriptions once a day. List of external services:
Our service fetches external subscription updates daily. List of external services:
{% for subscr in subscrs %}
<li>{{ }}</li>