Proxy tunnels checker for I2P written on python
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Proxy checker

Written on python, requires at least version 3.4.

For work needed PySocks and urllib3, install it with pip:

$ python3 -m pip install PySocks
$ python3 -m pip install urllib3

That script written primary for checking I2P proxy tunnels.


Fill list.ini with your tunnels options as in example file.

At same time you need that tunnels configured in your tunnels.conf (i2pd) or tunnels page (i2p).

Example for false.i2p outproxy usage in i2pd:

type = httpproxy
address =
port = 4450
outproxy = http://77mpz4z6s4eenjexleclqb36uxvqjtztqikjfqa4sovojh6gwwha.b32.i2p
keys = false.dat

And, according to that tunnel, proxy checker config:

type    = http
address = 77mpz4z6s4eenjexleclqb36uxvqjtztqikjfqa4sovojh6gwwha.b32.i2p
name    = false.i2p
owner   = meeh
info    = httpproxy

Note that fields PORT and TYPE is required! Other fields is not required and used only for filling table output.