Gemini Protocol library for PHP 8
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Use Ratchet IoServer - asynchronous WebSocket in PHP as more featured replacement to this library.

Titan II

Composer / PHP 8 library for Gemini Protocol

Simply create online server with native IPv6 support for PHP apps or just static gemtext


  • β-Doku - DokuWiki Satellite for Gemini Protocol
  • Pulsar - RSS Aggregator with build-in Titan-II server
  • KVAZAR - KevaCoin Content Explorer
  • KevaChat - Chat in KevaCoin BlockChain


  1. composer require yggverse/titan-ii
  2. openssl req -x509 -newkey rsa:4096 -keyout key.rsa -out cert.pem -days 1 -nodes -subj "/CN=IP"
  3. php server.php
  4. gemini://[IP]



$server = new \Yggverse\TitanII\Server();


    function (\Yggverse\TitanII\Request $request): \Yggverse\TitanII\Response
        $response = new \Yggverse\TitanII\Response();

        $response->setContent('Hello World!');

        return $response;

$server->start('IP', 1965);