i2pd snap package
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i2pd - Invisible Internet Protocol Daemon

This is the snap for i2pd, “Invisible Internet Protocol Daemon”. It works on Ubuntu, Fedora, Debian, and other major Linux distributions.

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Published for with 💝 by Snapcrafters


sudo snap install i2pd

Get it from the Snap Store

(Don't have snapd installed?)


Managing with systemd:

systemctl status snap.i2pd.daemon.service
systemctl stop snap.i2pd.daemon.service
systemctl start snap.i2pd.daemon.service

View logs:

journalctl -u snap.i2pd.daemon

Graceful router shutdown:

sudo i2pd.graceful-shutdown

Reload config after changing tunnels.conf file:

sudo i2pd.reload-tunnels-conf

Remaining tasks

Snapcrafters (join us) are working to land snap install documentation and the snapcraft.yaml upstream so [Project] can authoritatively publish future releases.

  • Click the green "Use this template" button above to create a new repository based on this template
  • Give the newly created repository a sensible name, like godzilla if you're snapping the Godzilla software (Note: Do not use snap in this name.)
  • Update the description of the repository to Official snap for i2pd
  • Update logos and references to [Project] and [my-snap-name]
  • Create a snap that runs in devmode
  • Convert the snap to strict confinement, or classic confinement if it qualifies
  • Register the snap in the store, using the preferred upstream name
  • Add a screenshot to this README.md
  • Add install instructions to this README.md
  • Update snap store metadata, icons and screenshots
  • Publish the confined snap in the Snap store beta channel
  • Update the install instructions in this README.md
  • Post a call for testing in the Snapcraft Forum "Snapcrafters" category - link
  • Add the Snapcraft store account (snap-advocacy@canonical.com) as a collaborator to your snap in the Dashboard and ask a Snapcrafters admin to accept this request
  • Fix all important issues found during testing
  • Make a post in the Snapcraft Forum "store-requests" category asking for a transfer of the snap name from you to Snapcrafters - link
  • Ask a Snapcrafters admin to fork your repo into github.com/snapcrafters, and configure the repo for automatic publishing into edge on commit
  • Add the provided Snapcraft build badge to this README.md
  • Publish the snap in the Snap store stable channel
  • Update the install instructions in this README.md
  • Post an announcement in the Snapcraft Forum "Snapcrafters" category - link
  • Ask the Snap Advocacy team to celebrate the snap - link
  • Submit a pull request or patch upstream that adds snap install documentation - link
  • Ask upstream if they are interested in maintaining the Snap. If they are:
    • Fork the upstream project, add the snap build files and required assets/launchers to that repo and submit a pull request or patch - link
    • Add upstream contact information to the README.md
    • If upstream accept the PR:
      • Request upstream create a Snap store account
      • Add upstream account as a collaborator on the snap
      • Contact the Snap Advocacy team to request the snap be transferred to upstream

If you have any questions, post in the Snapcraft forum.

The Snapcrafters

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